ENERGY ACTIVATION meditation to tune into infinite possibilities

Receive a Guided Energy Transmission to Connect With the Field of Infinite Possibilities & Create The Future You Want

With Deepshikha Sairam

In this Guided Meditation, you'll:

  • Connect with the Quantum Field of All Possibilities
  • Receive an Energetic Activation to manifest your future self
  • Activate your Energy Centers for a Coherent Creation of what you desire

"I thoroughly enjoyed this audio guide. Deepshikha’s soothing voice and the gentle background music helped guided me through the powerful exercise.  Her descriptive words and directions really helped me focus.

It’s easy to get distracted but Deepshikha always knows when to bring you back to reality. This is not your ordinary mediation. It’s a whole level of experience you must try!"

- Michelle Boc, pinterest marketing strategist

"I've had two profound guided meditation experiences in the past that have stayed with me for years. I can recall everything about them in exacting detail. With this Energy Activation, those two previous experiences beautifully collided to become one.

I find the cadence of your speech and tone of your voice pleasant and inviting."

- Denise cornell, customer whisperer

"I can't tell you how powerful this (activation) was, and I have done a lot of Spiritual things but this was something special. Thank you for that beautiful experience. From the bottom of my soul, I appreciate you sharing your truth and light with us."- ANNE TRUPPE, mind body expert & spiritual healer

Hi! I'm Deepshikha Sairam

I work with goal oriented conscious entrepreneurs & leaders who want more from life & business than a 7-figure bank account.

As a Spiritual Mentor & Divine Feminine priestess, I guide women on the path to Self Mastery so that they get beyond the noise of their inner chatter and go from chaotic to centered and into their highest self expression.

Through a unique combination of my evolutionary framework, The Path to Self Mastery™, Coaching, Divine Feminine Practices and Energy Healing work, I empower women to tap into their inner power & intuition as they step into Self Mastery and experience more joy, creativity and bliss.