Are you ready to learn how to sell with ease
(and no ick-factor) so your business can




The Power-Packed Sales System to Convert More Without Slimy Sales Tactics

Yes! I want to join the class!

“I used to feel icky about selling.
Now I LOVE sales calls, and have
a closing rate of 85%
(That 15% left is not my clients)"

“I love the ease & joy of scaling my business, the power of being able to choose when & how I do business, to sell with ease and FALL in LOVE with the process. I made $121,000 in 9 months!”

Martha Cristina Garza

Luxury Branding Expert

Martha created a 6-figure business in less than 8 months inside my Group Program

Do any of these sound familiar?

You know you have a great offer but when it comes to talking to your potential buyers… you’re all nerves and you think that it’s a numbers game

You don’t know how to prepare for objections on a sales call so when someone asks hard questions about your offer you talk them out of it altogether

When it comes to selling, you doubt yourself and your ability to close a sale but you have a nagging sense that you missed a memo about how to do it all


if reading this you’re rolling your eyes and thinking that the sales process is a bunch of sleazy and manipulative tactics that end in high-pressure conversations to help meet a monthly quota


you also know that you’re ready to learn to sell with grace and have fun doing it because you’ve experienced it yourself on occasion…

Like when you bought your Gucci bag or that latest Mac lipstick?

Don’t worry - You’re in the right place.

Sales can be fun, inspiring, and most importantly -- NOT HARD.

I’m here to help you steal all my non-skeezy sales secrets.




The Power-Packed Sales System to Convert More Without Slimy Sales Tactics

“I followed Dee's Sales Method
and that's how I closed my last 3 Sales Calls. It really works!!"

“I'm also most thrilled about how well I have been positioned and
I found a way that
works amazingly well for me to sell my services as a Generator I sold $30,000 worth of work in March alone.”

Jessie Chiang

Intuitive Business Coach

I know, I know -- selling feels
WAY HARDER than you ever thought it could be.

It also makes your stomach do flip flops as soon as you type to a customer or
prospect “Want to hop on a call to talk more about this?”

So... you avoid sales calls.

You try to do everything in a DM.

You don’t ask for the sale at the end of the conversation.

You pray, beg, and plead to the Universe to help you close more clients.

But you know -- in your heart, because your business offers something really good for your clients -- that there has to be a better way.

"I had my first 10k month!”

“I learned how to master sales calls and sell with ease. I collected 5 yeses in a row.”

Elénor De Posson

Feminine Coach & Author

Here’s the truth:

sales is a learned skill
NOT a natural behavior.

And all the rich ladies I know?

Well, they have learned what I’m about to teach you (and what I’ve taught countless others over the last 6 years when it comes to sales.

“Deepshikha has shown me how to
articulate my value & sell
with confidence.”

“Deepshikha has shown me how to articulate my value & sell with confidence. My mindset about sales has changed completely. Instead of feeling icky about “selling”, I now look forward to seeing if we are an energetic match. My closing rate has been near perfect.”

Swapna Patel

Personal Style Expert

Imagine having a sales conversation where you

  • Know exactly how to break the ice when you’re talking to your clients about your product or service
  • Easily showcase your expertise in the conversation without feeling like a fraud
  • Share the investment with confidence and without stumbling over your words or talking too fast
  • Close the sale so it feels natural, easy, and creates a long-lasting relationship with your clients

Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

I know you *might* be skeptical and that’s ok. It’s totally normal.
It’s also why I show you EXACTLY what you need to know so you can sell like a rich lady in.



The Power-Packed Sales System to Convert More Without Slimy Sales Tactics

In our time together, you’ll learn my 3-step process to build connections, increase conversions, and make more money in your business.


11:30Am to 1:30pm


When you join me in the Energetic Sales 2-hour course
you’ll discover

My 3-Step Process to close sales that increased my closing rate from 5% to 90% in one sales cycle

The step-by-step instructions, scripts, questions to ask, words to say, and confidence building exercises you need to successfully convert your prospects into life-long and loyal customers

Grounding and visualization exercises you can do BEFORE your sales calls to show up as the calm, centered, and confident entrepreneur you know you are inside

The little hints to watch out for on a sales call to help your customer get to yes!

How to turn a conversation that’s gone sideways into a success even if you think you’ve lost momentum

Success through selling in alignment with your Human Design

Plus so much more.

By the end of our time together you’ll have everything you need to effectively have sales conversations and create the confidence you need to close sales with your customers.

If you’re ready to make back the cost of this course by closing *just one* client after our time together, the Energetic Sales course is for you.


11:30am to 1:30pm


Hi I’m Deepshikha

and I’ve helped entrepreneurs learn
the art of selling without being slimy.

In fact, after many years of sucking at sales (I even talked people out of buying from me!) I realized that even though I was great at marketing and lead generation -- my sales process needed work.

Fast forward to today, and the creation of my 3-step process for non-sucky sales, and helping others like you succeed -- I’m here because I don’t want you to suffer through the trial and error that I went through in order to learn how to close sales with confidence…

All without sounding like a high-pressure “let’s close the deal” marketer we used to see on late night TV.

As a Business Mentor and Sales Strategist for impact driven CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to run profitable, thriving businesses, I bring everything I’ve learned in my career (which started as a corporate training lead for Bank of America where I trained others on premier leadership programs, BTW) to help you succeed in sales.

I want you to access all the sales strategies I’ve tested so you can sell with confidence and build incredible relationships with your customers and clients.

Are you ready to join me in Energetic Sales: The Power-Packed Sales System to Convert More Without Slimy Sales Tactics?

Xo Deepshikha

that I help you dial into during Energetic Sales:

  • 60% of buyers want to connect with you during their consideration process
  • 42% of people say they would make a purchase if the business owner called them at an agreed upon time
  • Using “we” instead of “I” increased sales conversions by 35%
  • 69% of buyers say listening to their needs created a positive sales experience

(Source: Hubspot)

Pretty incredible numbers, right?

In Energetic Sales, I show you all the strategies you need to be in that top 40-69% when it comes to selling in your business.

If you’re ready to create a customer experience that stands out from the crowd and you know that -- with just a little bit of support and help -- you can outshine your competition online (and close those sales) join me in class!

If you know that you’re not closing as many clients, clients, and prospects as you would like


You know your sales conversations could use some work


You just don’t know what to say or how to say it when you’re on a sales call


You know that selling is a fair exchange of energy and you want to make sure you stay in alignment and integrity during the process


You know your offers are incredible but you’re not confident enough to talk about them without stumbling over your words or asking the right questions...



The Power-Packed Sales System to Convert More Without Slimy Sales Tactics is here to help

In 2-hours you’ll save yourself countless days of research (and frustration) when it comes to closing sales.